Welcome to Purple Solutions

PURPLE SOLUTIONS was founded with a vision to
  • To maximize customer satisfaction levels in a competitive scenario in the Banking, Insurance and Telecom industry.
  • To increase customer satisfaction levels and relevant service levels
  • To manage people issues - hiring /training/ re-skilling
  • To manage volume fluctuations especially during the peak festive season.
  • To reduce the service life cycle time ( Turn Around Time)
  • To create flexibility in managing product/ service life cycles.
  • To associate in the industry as most skilled service providers having strong negative database.

Our Clients

ICICI Bank,      Reliance Communications,     Ing Vysya,      Hutch

PURPLE SOLUTIONS is a leading provider of quantitative credit analysis solutions to lenders, investors and corporations, designed to help our clients enhance the economic returns to their businesses

PURPLE SOLUTIONS has been a leader in security, information policy and protecting consumers' privacy. Through its risk management products, Purple Solutions helps professionals locate people and assets, authenticate identity, enable commerce, conduct background screening and support national security initiatives.